Some Dude (Actually) Tried to Hack Into My Website


I got an email at 3:28 AM regarding an individual that tried to log in to my administrative account to access my (this) website. According to an IP address search, this person is located somewhere in Ukraine. The attempted logins failed and the user was locked out from further attempts to log in (albeit only for 10 minutes), so chalk up a victory (hopefully a permanent victory) for security!

I don’t really know how I should be feeling about this though. My thoughts on this are gravitating around two distinct and opposite possibilities:

Option A
Someone thought enough of my website that they felt hacking into it would be worth it.


Option B
If this person hacked my website and posted some pro- or anti-Ukraine messages on it for the entire world to see, only 2 people, maybe (that wouldn’t even necessarily include me) would ever see it.

As a precaution, I think it might be time to change those passwords.

I won’t make a dime for this plug, but I highly recommend LastPass. It’s inexpensive, and it works.

DISCLOSURE: This post is not sponsored and I have no material relationship to any brand mentioned in this post.

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