Opening Day!


Today is a great day. A wonderful day. A remarkably amazingly splendidly awesome day! What day might this be.


If you must ask, I am referring to baseball. This day, the first day of the Major League Baseball season, is officially the first day of summer, which of course follows the last day of winter (i.e., the day before opening day). I know that a number of folks out there would disagree with my definition here of the word “officially,” but I don’t care. It’s official to me because baseball is back!

And because some out there might be wondering, “How can today be opening day if the Cardinals and Cubs played last night?” First off, that was a night game. We’re talking about Opening “DAY.” And secondly, the Cubs were in the game, so yeah, who cares about that floppy pile of poop.

If we’re lucky, we might just be able to FINALLY get this day turned into a national holiday (yes, it’s a major travesty that this hasn’t happened already). It failed in 2014, but weirder, stranger things have happened.

With that, I say have fun on this first day of summer. Get to a sports bar. Go home. Heck, go to a game today. Celebrate America’s pastime!

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